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Orsyx Worldwide

Having created a laboratory information management system that established a proven track record in its domestic market, Orsyx began an international sales effort in 1990. Leveraging partner company strengths in the UK, South Africa and Russia, and in close cooperation with selected diagnostic suppliers, Orsyx installed its clinical laboratory data management software in over 20 countries.

Orsyx staff have installed laboratory software in South Africa, Botswana, Israel, France, Germany, Holland, the UK and Republic of Ireland, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Siberia, Lithuania, Turkey, USA, Canada and Australia.

Orsyx has successful solid experience in selling, installing, commissioning and supporting its expanding range of products in more than 300 hospitals, clinics and veterinary laboratories throughout the world.

Orsyx supports and participates in ongoing technical education, best usage seminars and assists customers in leveraging their databases to improve laboratory performance and effectiveness. In the nature of things, staff changes can result in a downgrading of local expert knowledge over time. Orsyx provides on-site educational courses and maintaining staff competence in getting the most out of the many features provided with the software, including repeat site visits and provision of web-based educational material.

Orsyx is a member of the Ilex Group. The Ilex Group has been leading the way in the field of in-vitro diagnostics since 1977. Publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1995 (TASE:ILX), the Ilex Group is the largest supplier of in vitro diagnostic equipment, reagents, laboratory information management software (LIMS), blood bank diagnostic kits, and diagnostic support services to the healthcare establishment in Israel and a rapidly-expanding player in emerging markets like Africa, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS.

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