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More Microbiology
More Microbiology

The basic work processes in Microbiology differ in many respects from those encountered in Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation etc. in that:

  • A significant proportion of the work process (tests ordered) is not predetermined at the initial ordering step.

  • Tests ordered in each stage of the process are dependant on the results of the previous stage. The work process determines which tests are ordered and their hierarchical relationships.

  • The expected time to completion is typically variable and cannot be predicted.

  • Automation is less widespread, although increasingly seen. Manual result evaluation is common.

  • Local workflow procedures have an important influence on system configuration.

The eL@b microbiology option offers a set of simplified and customized work progress options that reflect the typical work flow in the specific laboratories. Overrides are available at every stage to meet non-typical or low volume processes. The division of work into “benches” by sample type or procedure is the default configuration.

The work-up screens clearly show the relationships between specific processes and their outcomes.

Extensive use is made eL@b capabilities to provide automated test ordering where appropriate. This is supplemented by thorough validity checking and easily configurable conditional antibiotic reporting. Partial and intermediate result reporting is supported.

eL@b Microbiology option supports:

  • On-line bidirectional communication with all automated Microbiology analyzers

  • Multiple organisms per specimen

  • Automated antibiotic ordering by organism, specimen and many other parameters

  • MRSA screening status

  • Conditional antibiotic reporting

  • Nosocomial infection monitoring

  • Reporting to regulatory authorities

  • Infection control statistical reporting

The core eL@b work process permissions and restriction system ensures that each task can be performed only by authorized staff.

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