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The Orsyx team has a substantial background in creating, commissioning and supporting laboratory information systems. Primarily of graduate level and all at least bilingual, many team members have been with Orsyx since its founding.

Dr. Moshe Ben Shaul, CEO
Picture of Moshe Dr. Moshe Benshaul founded the Ilex Group in 1984, and since then has led the group to success as its CEO and Chairman. Dr. Benshaul developed the group from a diagnostic supplier for the laboratory market in Israel to a multinational business group.
Prior to founding Ilex, Dr. Benshaul was group country manager for Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), a biomedical company with HQ in Lexington Mass. USA. From 1970 to 1976 he served as the Managing Director for the Israeli subsidiary of Varian Associates, which developed scientific instrumentation, medical and industrial linear accelerators and large scale information systems.
In 1969 Dr. Benshaul joined C.E.R.B.A., a large biomedical laboratory group located near Paris, as Laboratory Manager, following his graduation from Paris University.
Eran Ohayon, General Manager
Eran joined the Orsyx group in 2002. He was a key member of the team that initiated the design and development of the new generation of eL@b (eLab) products, implementing the Microsoft modern development environment .Net. Eran was appointed R&D manager in June 2005. He leads the enhancement of eL@b (eLab) functionality and the IT infrastructure as chief system architect. Eran is a graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology holding a BSc and an MBA in Information Systems at Bar Ilan University.
Avner Belisha, Support Group Manager
Avner has been with Orsyx for the past 17 years. He was a member of the programming team that developed ILIMS. During his service, Avner has held positions at Orsyx as Developer, IT Manager, Project Manager and was recently promoted to Service Manager. He has participated in many eL@b (eLab) installations worldwide and has created good relations with our customers. Avner graduated from the Technion as a Practical Engineer in computers and is currently completing a BSc in Computer Science from the Open University.
David Katz, Consulting & Integration Manager
David has been with Orsyx for the past 20 years and was the team leader that developed ILIMS, the flagship software that is currently installed in more than 300 laboratories worldwide. David contributed from his experience and profound understanding of the clinical lab to the development of the new eL@b (eLab) line of products. David has recently been promoted to the position of Product Manager. David has a BSc in Mathematical & Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.
Victoria Maksimenko, QA Manager
Victoria (Vika) has more than 10 years experience in information systems design and implementation. For the last 4 years, Victoria was in charge of the Software Validation Department of Teva Pharmaceuticals (Europe). She has responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Management System, and ensures that Orsyx maintains its excellence in conforming with all quality requirements. Vika holds an MBA in Production Engineering and Management from the Technology and Engineering University, Novosibirsk, Russia.
Galit Katz, Senior Programmer
Galit has a degree in Mathematics and Computing from Tel Aviv University. She has more than 18 years experience in Clinical LIMS design and development. Galit specializes in the development of system business logic, communication with laboratory devices and external systems.

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