Innovating Clinical LIMS
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eL@b provides a generic communication infrastructure integrated into its core system. Adding new connections does not require a system upgrade. Appropriate new definitions are set within the scope of the existing application. The maximum number of connected instruments is not limited by software, provided that suitable hardware capability is available.

Analyzers, sample handling robots, lines, hosts and distribution clients are collectively called “devices”. eL@b connects to all clinical laboratory devices, whether legacy or the latest models and versions.

eL@b devices are defined in a hierarchical structure. A child device inherits all the configured parameters of the parent. Adding new or editing existing parameters to a parent updates all child devices with the changes. This makes configuration of common devices particularly easy, avoiding tedious repetition and mistakes.

The current list of available device drivers is very large, and new ones are added frequently.

For specific information, please contact us directly.

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