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 Q1: What is eL@b and who is it intended for?

A1: eL@b is a Laboratory Information Management System, intended for the management of clinical and veterinary laboratories.


Q2: In which countries is eL@b installed?

A2: eL@b is installed in:

  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Q3: What technology was used to develop eL@b?

A3: Microsoft .Net, C# object oriented, Microsoft SQL Server.


Q4: What is the smallest installation of eL@b and what functionality does it have?

A4: eL@b can be installed on a single PC, and connected to a single analyzer. It has all the functionality of the core application. In this case, both server and client are resident on the same PC. Microsoft SQL Server is required.


Q5: What new software and hardware is required to expand such a small installation?

A5: Each small installation can be expanded to connect to any mix of up to 5 analyzers, sample handling robots, 3rd party concentrators or host systems. Each connection requires an additional driver. Essentially, no new hardware is required other than industry-standard, inexpensive, off-the-shelf, communication cards.


Q6: What is the largest possible installation of eL@b?

A6: We don't know, yet. Each new installation is larger than the last. eL@b operates comfortably over multiple sites, with many laboratories configured to perform the same work. Additional functionality is added to eL@b by adding additional options.
Typical sample throughput is of the order of tens of thousands of samples/day.
A dedicated server with Windows 2003 Server and Microsoft SQL Server is required.


Q7: What are the hardware implications for a larger system?

A7: A separate server is required. The larger the system and its workload, the stronger the server required.


Q8: What optional modules are available?

A8: The following options are currently available:

  • Microbiology
  • Cytology and Histology
  • PreAnalytical Sample Ordering and Shipment
  • RiLiBaK QC for Germany and Austria
  • Lab2Lab extended Shipment management (available as an independent application. Can be installed without eL@b)

Q9: Can I import my legacy archive?

A9: Yes. Orsyx offers a conversion service from any legacy database to eL@b.


Q10: What is involved in setting up the initial system configuration and definitions?

A10: Typically, Orsyx staff pre-configure the system in-house, prior to installation, based on your requirements and existing definitions. Once the essential hardware is in place, installation for a medium sized installation requires only a few days per site.


Q11: How much staff training is needed to get the system up and running?

A11: Experience shows that laboratory staff can be trained and operational within one day. Similarly for personnel involved in sample collection and shipment. More senior staff require a few days, depending on their assigned access and activity privileges. The customer system administrator needs a little more. Practice makes perfect.


Q12: What specialized training is available?

A12: Orsyx has a proud tradition of providing in-depth specialized training on specific topics, thus enabling the customer to take advantage of the very rich eL@b functionality. These include courses in QC, Report Design and Improving Work Process Automation. Orsyx also provides retraining when staff changes indicate the need for consolidation and improvement of skills.


Q13: What support does Orsyx provide?

A13: The minimum package includes 3 months warranty, followed by a service agreement tailored to each customer’s needs. Support is provided either directly by the Orsyx service department or by the local representative’s service staff. Orsyx is committed to resolving all service calls within a defined reasonable time. The call center is available during normal working hours and by duty staff in off-hours.


Q14: What degree of automation can be achieved?

A14: eL@b can be configured to apply any required degree of automation, from manually oversight of every phase through to total "Black Box" operation. In "Black Box" mode orders are received on-line, distributed to the laboratories, results are received from the analyzers, and the records distributed to the required processing services. They are then auto-archived.
eL@b can mix and match degrees of automation within one installation, according to requirements.


Q15: They say "When all else fails, read the book". Is there a book?

A15: eL@b is fully documented. It is provided with a very comprehensive User Manual, a detailed Administrator Manual and separate specialist topic manuals for Microbiology and RiLiBaK QC. Each manual is also provided as on-screen Help.
Both manuals and on-screen help are available in the languages of choice.

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